Configuration and running of advertising campaigns

Advertising in Google Ads

At New Creative Brand Studio, we know not only about the implementation of websites and graphic design for your business, but thanks to many years of experience in the field of online marketing, we can offer you the creation and running of Google ads campaigns tailored to your budget. It is you who will decide how much you can spend on your advertisement every day, and we are in charge to develop an appropriate action strategy – taking into account factors as for example; daily budget, channels, audiences and campaign purposes such: sales increasement, website traffic icreasement or maybe brand awareness of your products and / or services through various advertisement tactics that will increase brand recognition.

This offer is addressed mainly to small and medium-sized companies that would like to get help in taking their first steps in the world of online marketing or spread their wings under the supervision of our experienced specialists in the field of online advertising.

By choosing this service, you will be able to count on support in the field of creating and running text, image, product and video campaigns. Which are the main differences of this types of campaigns? You will find out the answer to this question below.

About E-Advertising Campaigns

Search Network Campaigns

If you choose to advertise on the Google Search Network, your campaign will be able to appear on Google Search below or above the search results for a term associated with one of your keywords. Thanks to this type of campaign, you will be able to reach recipients who are directly looking for a product or service like yours in the search engine. Campaigns in this network are available in a variety of formats and with many additional options, which in the end gives us an attractive form of advertising for virtually any type of business.

Display Network Campaigns

The Google Display Network is designed to help you find the right audience. Its targeting options allow you to strategically reach potential customers in the right place and time. It is this network that gives us a lot of possibilities when it comes to ad formats and places where it could appear. Here, Google offers us the option of creating from standard image ads through gmail, video and flexible display campaigns that automatically adjust to the place on the page where they appear.

Google Shopping Campaigns

If you have an online store, thanks to product campaigns you will be able to promote your offer, increase traffic on your website or local store and reach more potential customers. Unlike a text-only ad, your Shopping ad will include not only a picture of the product, but also include title, price and name of the store. This will allow the user to get more information about your product before clicking on the ad, reducing the risk of wrongly spent money per click that will have no effect.

The value of our cooperation

Regardless of which option you choose, before we start working on online advertising in Google Ads, we will analyze the product or service you offer in order to prepare the most appropriate strategy for you. Starting cooperation will involve creating an account on Google Ads and its full configuration. We will do it for you and grant you full administrative rights to the account, and you will complete them with your company data. “Transparency is very important to us in cooperation, therefore, after setting up the account, you will add us as a user who has only standard account privileges that allow you to create campaigns, budgets, etc., but prevent, for example, deleting other users, deactivating the account or entering changes in payment methods.

After completing the cooperation, you will still be the sole owner of the account. Below we have prepared two price packages for you with the scope of activities performed. Remember that if you choose a long-term cooperation, the first payment will be a little higher than the next ones due to the fact that the initial configuration requires a lot more work on our part.

It is worth remembering: The duration of the service depends only on you! It can be either a one-time service or a long-term cooperation

Now pack

Activation fee, $90

– Preparation and configuration of the entire account, creation and maintenance of campaigns in the search and advertising network, and configuration of remarketing (up to 5 campaigns)

– Keyword diagnostics, configuration of basic conversions and audience lists

– Integration with Google Analytics / Matomo

The following months, $50

– Create monthly reports for your company showing the actions taken and their effectiveness

– Monitoring the effectiveness of the entire account and key KPIs

– Expanding existing ad groups with new keywords, creating new ads and extensions

Maxi pack

Activation fee, $150

– Configuration of the entire account, creation and maintenance of campaigns in the search and advertising network as well as configuration of standard and dynamic remarketing (up to 5 campaigns) and purchase campaigns (up to 5 campaigns)

– Keyword diagnostics, Google Ads and Analytics conversion setup and audience lists

– Creation and full configuration of the Merchant Center account, including creation of a product file

– Integracja z Google Analytics i Google Merchant Center

The following months, $90

– Monitoring the effectiveness of the entire account and key KPIs

– Expanding existing ad groups with new keywords, creating new ads and extensions

– Create monthly reports for your business showing the actions taken and their effectiveness

– Supplementing and extending the offer in the product feed (up to 30 products per month)